A Hedge Hug made by Jenni

I love to make things! I’m having the most fun making greeting cards lately. My cards have a small sticker on the back that says A Hedge Hug made by Jenni. It may sound silly to you, but making these cards makes me happy, it lets my brain unwind after work, feeds my need for creative time – so many benefits. :^)

Since I personally do not have a need for hundreds of greeting cards, I’ve found some awesome organizations that DO have a need for hundreds and even thousands of handmade greeting cards.

This year, I am making blank cards. They have a message on the front such as Happy Birthday, I love you, I miss you, you can do it, you are awesome, Happy Anniversary, hello, thinking of you, congratulations, and sympathy cards. They are cards that we all need at different times throughout our lives. The insides are blank, ready to be filled in by the person that is sending the card.

Lots of Happy Birthday cards and You are Awesome cards are going to people involved in the foster care system here in the US. These cards will be used by caregivers, caseworkers, and anyone that is involved in helping make foster kids’ lives better. The program that I am working with this year is Cards for Cubs.

A wide variety of blank cards are going to active military personnel, for them to send home to the people that are important to them. These folks rarely have access to non-essential things such as handmade greeting cards, yet they have loved ones with whom they want to connect through the mail. I am sending cards to two different organizations this year, Cards for Soldiers and Operation Gratitude.

If you are one of the people that is sending one of the cards I made, I hope that it helps you connect with someone in your life. It made me happy to make this card. I hope it makes you happy when you send it. And I hope it makes the person that receives it feel cared about as well.

If you are the recipient of one of the cards I made, know that the person that sent you this card cares about you and spent the time to select this card just for you.

Have a great day,

Jenni Cox, the creator of handmade greeting cards that say “a Hedge HUG made by Jenni” on the back.