About Gnomekins

Welcome to the Gnomekins family – we are so glad you stopped by for a visit.

Here are a few facts about Gnomekins that you may not know (don’t worry, most people do not know anything about gnomes in general, and VERY few know specifics about Gnomekins).

  • Gnomekins live for 1250 years, usually, +/- 50 years.
  • Gnomekins are considered a “baby” until they are 71, they are “young” until they are 272, and become adults at 273+ years of age.
  •  Gnomekins can drive a sleigh once they turn 256. They can apply for their sleigh temps at 222.
  • Once Gnomekins reach adulthood, they usually have a shiny rock in a hidden pocket behind their beard or their braids. What their rock looks like is a secret that they only share with their immediate family or very, very close friends. The shiny rock is often a gift from someone they admire greatly.
  • Gnomekins make their own clothes. You’ve never seen a store for them, have you?
  • They really care about their hats. Most Gnomekins wear the same look throughout their entire lifetime, as that is how Gnomekins are often identified.
  • It is a BIG deal to change up the look of their hat. Many think about it for decades before actually changing their hat and/or mittens color, style, pattern or shape.
  • Gnomekins always wear a hat, because they are bald on top!
  • Gnomekins all wear the same kind of shoes, it is the only option they have that is comfy for their odd-shaped feet.
  • Gnomekins are most comfortable wearing mittens, as their hands are super sensitive and tender. They have to be, to take care of their beards and braids.
  • Beard and braid styling and maintenance is a BIG DEAL to and for Gnomekins.
  • They hate to take a bath because their beards and braids get snarled. It takes forever to brush out and then style their hair again.
  • Gnomekins don’t drink alcohol, but they can get buzzed on watermelon juice and apple cider. You better keep an eye on Landry, he’s always sneaking off to pick apples. Just sayin’…